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As of today's April 13, 2022, Encinitas Rotary Club Meeting the grand total raised for the refugee crisis in Ukraine is now up to $40,000. The Encinitas Rotary Club initially raised the first $17,000 on March 16th in less than an hour following an heartwarming presentation by Encinitas Rotarian Daphne Fletcher which sparked an impromptu fundraiser. Word of the story spread after it was covered by the San Diego Union Tribune. Checks have continued to pour in, some as high as $5000, to the Encinitas Rotary Foundation which continues to accept tax deductible donations which will be forwarded to the relief effort in Ukraine. Donors will receive a receipt should a check be mailed to Encinitas Rotary Foundation PO BOX 230223 Encinitas, CA 92023. 
The first wire of $22,000 (or nearly 20,000 Euro) was sent March 18th to the Kosice, Slovakia Rotary Club which purchased first relief supplies of food, baby food and hygiene products. The Encinitas Rotary Club coordinated with the Slovakian Rotary Club to purchase the supplies since they had already established logistics and distribution channels. Over the last two weeks the supplies have been purchased, received and are being shipped across the border into Ukraine and are being received by the Uzhorod, Ukraine Rotary Club to be redistributed to refugees in the region as far as Kyiv. 
Photos attached of the supplies the Encinitas Rotary Club purchased that were distributed by the Kosice Slovakia Rotary Club and shipped across the border to refugees in Ukraine.

Below: Humanitarian Supplies arrive from fellow Rotary Clubs in Europe