Rotarians are "People of Action!" But "What is a Rotarian?" and what does "People of Action" mean?

That depends. Each person who joins Rotary has a personal motivation to serve others and return something to their community. A true Rotarian identifies needs in society (locally, nationally, or worldwide) and moves purposefully toward a solution… a "Person of Action." Being part of Rotary is a humanitarian labor of love with healthy doses of fun, laughter, and true compassion mixed in. This combination makes for a recipe worthy of a five-star Michelin chef!

The Encinitas Rotary Club, chartered in 1939, truly excels in combining the selfless elements of community service with a true sense of family. It is incredible what can be accomplished when talent and competence meets desire and enthusiasm. In the past, our club has assisted in building homes for the needy in Mexico, partnered with a sister Rotary Club in Katmandu, Nepal to upgrade 10 rural medical outposts, established schools in underserved areas of Vietnam, staffed and provided student scholarships to North San Diego County youth leadership programs RYLA and LEAD, and organized the 16th edition of one of the premier Wine and Food festivals in all of SD County benefiting over 17 charitable organizations (over $1.4 million total donation distributions)…the list continues on and on.

The Encinitas Rotary Club has been serving our local community and our world for over 80 years. Through the hard work and dedication, we will still be doing the same 80 years from now. 

Please consider becoming a part of this amazing organization.