On behalf of our president, John Simonelli and myself, welcome to the Encinitas Rotary.  We’re so glad that you’re interested in our club.  Whether you learned about us through a friend, local or social media, our annual wine festival, or some other way, we appreciate it that you’re taking the time to learn more about this wonderful organization.

Our club has been around for over 80 years and we are the 6th largest Rotary club in the San Diego District.  We are fondly known to other Rotary Clubs as the “Animal House”.  While it is true that we are a bit irreverent, we got the title because we know how to have FUN, whether it’s in our weekly meetings, planning for community events or simply social get togethers.  We are truly family.

Since you made it to this spot on our website, we assume that you may want to know more about Rotary International, our umbrella organization, our specific club here in Encinitas, or perhaps might even be interested in joining our club!

Find out more if you are interested in:

To learn about what we do here in Encinitas, we encourage you to look around our website to get a flavor of who we are, what activities we engage in, the services that we offer (e.g., our Senior Home Team), and the many charities that we serve.

If you might be considering joining our club, we suggest that after you have browsed our website, you take a look a closer look at some of the documents in this section.  These documents cover topics such as different types of membership programs (individual, corporate, or Young Professionals), financial requirements, and attendance requirements. They even list requirements to move from a novice (“Red Badge” member to a member in full standing -- “Blue Badge”)

If after looking things over, you are interested in becoming a member, please to fill out our Join Rotary form. I, or someone else from our membership committee, will give you a call.  We’d answer any additional questions that you might have and then arrange a meeting over coffee with you, a committee member, and Mr. Simonelli.

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for your interest in the Encinitas Rotary.


Roger Bolus, Ph.D.

Chairman, Encinitas Rotary Membership Committee 2022-2023.