2020 Peacemaker of the Year

Encinitas Rotary Peacemaker Award: Peacemaking Comes in Many Forms

Congratulations Roger Alsabrook!

Left, Jon Krassny, Encinitas Rotary Club President.  Center, Roger Alsabrook, right Johanna Deleissegues, member of Encinitas Rotary who nominated Roger for the 2020 Peacemaker Award.
Mental health issues are tricky.  Most of us don’t want to admit if we have a problem. It takes a true peacemaker to not only publicly acknowledge their condition but to move beyond their own personal struggles to help others with mental health problems, promote tolerance, and bring peace with alienated friends and family. The Encinitas Rotary Club 2020 Peacemaker Award recognizes Roger Alsabrook as just that person.
In 2000, after losing friends and alienating family members, Roger was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder, also known as bipolar disorder, and was prescribed medication. Bipolar disorder causes extreme mood swings that include emotional highs (mania) and lows (depression).  After moving to Del Mar in 2005, Roger sought group therapy treatment and discovered the San Diego Chapter of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). He started attending the weekly DBSA peer led support group meetings. Five years ago, Roger recognized the need for a nearby DBSA support group in North County, so he began hosting monthly meetings in Del Mar.
Roger facilitates discussion of issues challenging those with bipolar disorder and family members are also welcome. Roger helps group members understand the crisis process and meets personally with families in crisis. He is a role model – with proper diagnosis and medications, a bipolar person can have a full, happy, and productive life.
At support group meetings and speaking opportunities, Roger shares his personal story to promote understanding and tolerance in coping with a mental health condition. He concealed his diagnosis until age 65, but then decided to use his experience to help others.
One group member said “Roger encourages and inspires families living with mental illness by openly discussing his own personal diagnosis of bipolar, ignoring the stigma attached to mental illness. I’ve seen his success in helping others with family after family. We are very grateful for the harmony and understanding he has helped to restore to our family.”
Jon Krassny, Encinitas Rotary Club President said “We are proud to recognize Roger Alsabrook for demonstrating that peacemaking comes in many forms.”

The Encinitas Rotary Club Peacemaker Award annually recognizes community members who have made a significant difference in promoting tolerance, understanding, conflict resolution and peace, either locally or globally.

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