Senior Dance

An Hour with the Dance Team
What is the Encinitas Rotary Senior Dance Program?

Inspiring Seniors

Since 2010 one of the most frequent programs of the Encinitas Rotary is its weekly senior dance party. Every Wednesday from 1 pm to 3 pm, 52 weeks a year the Encinitas Rotary runs a senior dance at the Dance North County dance studio. The turnout each week is 70 to 85 seniors. It is not unusual to have over 6 seniors above the age of 90, with the average age in the low eighties. 

Food is served each week with food donations from Jimbo's, Peet's Coffee, and Yummy cupcakes.  A nominal fee of $3.00 is charged each week. Special parties are thrown around the holidays (New Years, Valentine’s Day, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veterans' day and a holiday party at the end of the year).  Recently, the July 4th party had 102 seniors and the New Year’s Party had 150 people attend and over 17 Rotarian volunteers.

This weekly dance greatly improves the life of so many seniors each week, providing exercise for the body and the mind and gives the seniors a great reason to get dressed up and out of their houses. It is the highlight of the week for many of these seniors, with social interaction providing a safe activity fulfilling the need to touch and be touched. Rotary does make a big difference in the lives of these seniors.

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